The 2009 Political Declaration and Action Plan sets out 2019 as the target date ‘for States to eliminate or reduce significantly and measurably’ illicit drug supply and demand, the diversion and trafficking of precursors and money laundering. Evidence from the UN itself shows that these targets are unachievable and in the 2017 World Drug Report, UNODC states clearly that the ‘drug market is thriving’. Although the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) of 2016 contributed to ongoing discussions on the future of the international drug control regime, a genuine review process remains a pending task.

In CND Resolution 60/1, member states decided that the Ministerial Segment will be the moment ‘to take stock of the implementation of the commitments made to jointly address and counter the world drug problem, in particular in light of the 2019 target date’.

The Ministerial Segment is expected to be held in March 2019, with high-level thematic roundtables and a Civil Society Forum being explored as means to foster dialogue and meaningful engagement in these crucial discussions.