The Senior Level Policy Dialogue "Addressing HIV and TB Challenges: from Donor Support to Sustainable
Health Systems" was held in Tallinn, Estonia in December 2017 as an official event in the programme of
the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
The event, organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and National Institute for Health Development from
Estonia, WHO European Region, UNAIDS, and the Global Fund, brought together representatives of the
health and financial ministries of Europe, the Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries, representatives
of the European Commission, international organizations, as well as community representatives and
institutions involved in funding programmes and offering services to tackle HIV and TB.
DPNSEE and 4 participating member organizations representatives (Margina, Viktorija, Cazas and Juventas)
actively contributed to the meeting. Both the experiences from South East Europe and challenges we face
were presented, emphasized and mentioned by many participants.
The main focus of the meeting was to:
- Present and discuss good practices at political and technical level of integrating HIV and TB services into
national health systems, including challenges, risks, and opportunities;
- Present and discuss current financial and programmatic sustainability gaps and challenges, with
particular focus on effective national investment to ensure universal access to health care, including key
affected populations;
- Discuss roles and responsibilities of national governments, EU and international partners, as well as civil
society partners in transition processes, to effectively and sustainably address HIV and TB.