IDPC regional co-ordination

IDPC has a regional structure for the organisation of NGO networking and advocacy with national governments. 

The regions and current lead organisations are as follows:

The regional groups will work broadly as follows: 

  • Developing an efficient email communication network of NGOs, academics and policymakers with an interest in drug policy issues. Using this network to disseminate information from IDPC and other sources, and to maintain good communication of local and regional initiatives, events, etc.
  • Developing close and constructive relationships with key policy makers in national governments, regional bodies, and the regional offices of UN agencies.
  • Collating information on drug policy situations and initiatives across the region, and making it available to the rest of the IDPC global network. 
  • Identifying target countries and situations in the region where drug policy advocacy from IDPC would be influential in promoting humane and effective policies. Arranging for IDPC meetings, speeches, seminars or study tours to make the best use of advocacy opportunities.
  • Identifying individuals and experiences within the region that may be useful in promoting humane and effective policies in other parts of the world.
  • Organising the NGO involvement from that region in global drug policy events such as the CND.

In some regions, work has progressed in many of these areas over the last 18 months, but in others we have yet to identify NGOs and lead organisations to take responsibility for this work. Our aim is that, by the end of 2009, all regions will have at least a named lead organisation, and an initial group of NGOs who have agreed to work together to develop the IDPC work plan in that region.