By Okereke Chinwike

Nigeria is said to be the “Africa’s narcotics hub and a major transshipment point between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres” and “the focal point of West African narcotics trafficking”. Nigeria tops the list with the highest trafficking and drug use in West Africa. Nigeria is a transit country for heroin and cocaine destined for Europe and, to a lesser degree, for the United States. Geographical location of Nigeria, thick population, bustling commerce, and vibrant air transportation makes drug trafficking attractive. In view of this, Nigeria adopted law enforcement approach to respond to the challenges of drug trafficking, production and use, and have enacted the most repressive and punitive national anti-drug and anti-crime legislations in Africa. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) was established to enforce laws against the cultivation, processing, sale, trafficking and use of hard drugs and to empower the Agency to investigate persons suspected to have dealings in drugs and other related matters.

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