Communications volunteer - IDPC

Are you passionate about global drug policy? IDPC is looking for a dynamic and motivated new volunteer to support our communications work! Please apply before 21 September.

Project Manager, Model Prison Project - Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ)

Research Officer, Model Prison Project - Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) 

United Nations Bangkok Rules Model Prison Project (“Model Prison Project”) is one of the major projects under the umbrella of IBR programme. The objective of this project is to support correctional facilities and correctional departments in Thailand and other ASEAN countries in improving and maintaining the prison management in line with international standards and norms, especially to meet the requirements of the United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the Bangkok Rules). Please apply before 23 September

Policy Advisor - Global Commission on Drug Policy

We are looking to hire a talented and experienced Policy Advisor who will be responsible for the successful implementation of the advocacy efforts of the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Deadline for applications: 30 September.

NGO Delegates to the UNAIDS PCB

The NGO Delegation to the Programme Coordinating Board of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS Programme Coordinating Board (UNAIDS PCB) has three vacancies for the two-year term (2017-2018). The NGO Delegation is now recruiting for: one Africa Delegate (apply); one Latin America and the Caribbean Delegate (apply); and One North American Delegate (apply). Deadline: 30 September.